Here are testimonials from some clients who praise and value the high quality service eSudo consistently provides.

A few years back, I had a very good experience with the founder of eSudo. So when we found ourselves in a bit of an IT pickle, we called in eSudo to talk. After a couple days of talking and Q & A, eSudo submitted a proposal to take over our entire IT function. The price was fair and we signed on the dotted line. That was almost six months ago and it remains a very good decision on our part. eSudo took over and revamped our network and IT infrastructure and documented everything. Since then eSudo has done everything that was needed and restored our confidence in IT outsourcing. In fact, eSudo goes above and beyond when circumstances dictate. They perform maintenance, upgrades and new installations only as permitted by our work schedule and often it is on weekends or late evenings. If we have an emergency, they respond immediately to our phone call and often they will come to our office right away. It is very comforting to have such service in this day and age of “please hold……your call is very important to us.” We know that eSudo has a lot of other customers, but they make us feel like they only have one customer and it is us! eSudo provides very comprehensive IT services; administration, maintenance, support, security, data back-up, cloud and web services, the whole enchilada. If you are contemplating outsourcing your IT function, or if your current service provider is not cutting the mustard, you should have a friendly chat with eSudo. You won’t regret it!


James Leong

eSudo had transformed our system to A Trouble-Free Experience. They consistently backup our data and proactively monitor our network 24/7.

eSudo knew how to do an assessment of our systems and recommended an action plan for us to follow. They gave us an action plan that we could understand…in plain English.

The single biggest reason that we decided to sign up was that we could not afford to lose any data and that we needed to have constant monitoring of our systems. Every aspect of our office depends on us keeping our network secure, computers running and Internet working. Computer downtime = costly lost productivity. eSudo’s backup & recovery system is top-notch, and should a disaster occur, we now have the ability to be up & running in mere hours, rather than days. eSudo made use aware of potential problems that we could avoid and fix before it become a disaster for our company. We have gained “peace of mind” from partnering with eSudo.

I recommend eSudo because I feel that they are very competent to solve any computer problem. I know they have great employees who have the knowledge to tackle any computer related issues. At last, we can focus on developing high performance BMW products instead of fixing computers.

Morgan Hill, CA

Maggie Morelle

Our IT needs went well beyond conventional networking and VMWare virtualization implementation and support, to include the implementation of a state-of-the-art hardware solution for EMC storage and Exchange migration from Citrix XenServer. Matthew and his eSudo team did a great job and completed the project on-time and on-budget. They are professionals and took the time to help us understand the technology. We would recommend them to anyone that needs a professional IT consulting service.

ATR International, Inc, Sunnyvale, CA

Johnny Chan

When our in-house IT technician left, we decided to hire eSudo as opposed to hiring another in-house computer person to manage our servers, desktops and network. Having multiple eSudo engineers available to us gives Sensory the security of knowing that we will always have a skilled IT technician available just a phone call away.

Johnny ChaneSudo’s diverse skill set has allowed them to collaborate and find solutions to challenging problems. At times, eSudo remote monitoring has alerted them to network problems prior to Sensory being aware that those problems exist. In summary, knowing that eSudo is taking care of our IT needs allows Sensory to focus on running our business rather than spending time on the details of computer issues.

Sensory Inc, Santa Clara, CA

Kent Williams

We are very happy with our selection of eSudo to help us with recent technology project and on-going IT requirements. eSudo worked closely with us to understand our needs and architect a solution.

We are satisfied with their professional approach and prompt service delivery.

Executive Director & CEO,
SJB Child Development Centers, San Jose, CA

Debbie Liberati

eSudo is very responsive and knowledgeable when it comes to our computer, servers and network needs. They are an outstanding IT Service Provider that you can rely on time and time again. If you are looking for quality local IT people in San Jose, that really know their stuff, then you need to hire them!

ESP Safety, Inc

Rudy Marrujo

eSudo Technology is a one-stop shop for all your IT needs including projects, technical issues and even back-filling when you are short on staff. They are versatile, quick to response and reliable.

On every project where I needed assistance, Matthew took into account my requirements, my time constraints, and most importantly - my budget. After performing an assessment, eSudo provided me with multiple options to resolve my issue – all within budget.

Matthew and his team are very knowledgeable; not only do they provide you with great insight into the issues, they always look for the long term solution.

I have used eSudo Technology on numerous occasions in the past, and they will continue to be my first line of contact when I need IT support.

Director of Information Technology
BioForm Medical, San Mateo, CA

Paul Dugall

We have two Exchange mail servers in production that need upgrading.

Installing and configuring Active Directory Connector (ADC) are required for upgrading the connection agreements in ACD.

It's necessary to synchronize directory entries between the Exchange server 2000 and Exchange 2003. Upgrading the Mail Connector tool Wizard walks an administrator through the tricky process, the wizard helps to identify "gotchas", but it can stop the installation with no error. So now you must look in the event log.

As a System Administrator I never would go the upgrade...route.

Now with no working Exchange Server and no Microsoft support on legacy Exchange 2000 server, I now must make the manual change to ADC.

Having tested the Exchange 2003 I must now get All the Mail Safely moved. I can not have the company without mail and e-commerce without email. I am a do it yourself sys admin, but I will not take the chance of not safeguarding this Exchange migration without Senior Technical support.

I do not let any one look at my LAN; the point is you must have a track record if I will trust you can help this Company.

After talking with Matthew Kaing from eSudo Technical support Team about my problem, I felt he will be all the support I will need for the Exchange migration. After working with Matthew on site, we've successfully moved the Exchange mail boxes. He also was able to offer more technical support than I wanted at the time and that is why I can highly recommend eSudo. Great Technical Customer support is hard to find.


We have been using eSudo Technology Solution for a whole lot networking work. I would highly recommend them. They are professional and have been amazingly responsive to our needs. Their prices have also been quite competitive.

St. Andrews School, Saratoga, CA

The people at eSudo are excellent! When they work with our staff, their technicians are easy to communicate with, knowledgeable, and very patient.

The new Windows Small Business Server they installed has improved our productivity. We would recommend eSudo to our friends and colleagues.

Clinton Heating and Air Conditioning, Fremont, CA

Whenever there is a technology problem, we call eSudo. They provide instant response and great customer service so that our business can continue to operate efficiently and without interruption. We highly recommend eSudo to any company that relies heavily on e-mail and the Internet to run their business.

World Children's Fund, San Jose, CA

Using eSudo Technology Solutions to support our computer network has turned out to be one of the smartest business decisions we've made. They have designed and implemented the latest technologies, eliminated the bottleneck in our network that was affecting our services to our customers, and helped lower our IT costs by 20%. We recommend eSudo to anyone who needs a knowledgeable and professional IT service firm.

Humber College, School of Media Studies

eSudo Technology Solutions (eSudo) provides us with a trouble-free network which in turn enables us to enjoy peace of mind. I am confident that with one phone call, our problems will be taken care of expeditiously. In one instance our service provider was experiencing problems and we had no Internet connection, a critical issue for a church that thrives on communication to our members and outreach programs. We were grateful when eSudo arrived immediately, diagnosed the issue and resolved a very complex problem with the provider so that we could be up and running in no time.

eSudo is also very aware of our role as a 501c3 religious corporation and our objective of keeping costs down. I appreciate their efforts to always ensure that we are receiving the best deal for products and services. For these reasons and more, eSudo deserves my highest recommendation!

Saint Andrew's Episcopal Church, Saratoga, CA

eSudo Technology Solutions has helped us develop and implement solutions that adapt to our changing business needs. The IT consultants at eSudo understand how we work and have established a strong relationship with our people which makes them part of the team at Pearson. They respond to our problems quickly and have been instrumental in building a stable IT environment that allows us to focus on our business.

Pearson & Co., Campbell, CA

eSudo Technology Solutions provides reliable, knowledgeable and dependable support services to American Medical Systems (AMS). We can depend on eSudo to respond promptly to resolve our issues quickly.

American Medical Systems, San Jose, CA

Excellent IT services! We called eSudo to come freshen up our outdated server. They came in and got us exactly what we needed in a quick, very professional manner. We will definitely be using eSudo from now on for any computer issues we have!

KC SheetMetal, Inc
San Jose, CA

Gary Stark

Very satisfied with the help we've received from eSudo over the last three years. Very profession, very sharp people. Great online ticket system. We've also purchased equipment through eSudo at a significant discount. My only hope is that not too many people read these reviews...I want to keep them all to myself...

IT Manager
West Valley Constructions, Campbell, CA

From major events like having a Blue Screen to smaller instances with Camtasia Studio not making videos or my second screen not working; all of which was corrected with one of your tech remote accessing my computer.

Your folks are very friendly and polite which is a big plus when turning control of my computer over to a voice on the phone. They have always been able to correct the problems I'm having. My computer is now starting up faster and running faster.

Emanon Marketing LLC