System Administration Position Job Questionnaire

Please read each question carefully and fill out them out with specific details.
All the field required; put NA if it does not apply to you. Use the following scale for any rating question:
(1=entry level, 3= intermediate, 5=highly proficient with vendor certification from Microsoft, Cisco or VMware)

  • 1. Please enter your full name, contact email, and phone information.

  • 4. Certification and References
  • 5. Please provide 3 references for work and personal (Name, Title, Phone and Email).
  • 6. Travel and Working Status:
  • 7. Your ideal work environment
  • c. Provide two recent examples of projects that involved using/deploying Microsoft’s networking products (Windows 2003 Server, SBS 2003, Exchange 2003, XP Pro, etc). Include any trouble areas, and what you did to generate a resolution.
  • d. Describe a specific example of a job or project you like? In other words, what would your ideal job environment look like? Why do you want to pursue a position in a small business consulting environment?
  • 8. Rate your level of expertise on the following items on a scale from 1-5 (1=entry level, 3= intermediate, 5=highly proficient)
  • 9. Remote Support and Network Management experience
  • 10. Work Hours
  • 11. Salary and Career
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