Case Study – Why Dinan Engineering Outsource their IT to eSudo?

Why Dinan Engineering Choose to outsource their IT to eSudo?

Founded in 1979, Dinan is well established as North America's premiere BMW tuner. Dinan develops, manufactures and markets a comprehensive line of high performance products and systems, distributed through a nationwide network of Authorized Dinan BMW Performance Centers that includes select BMW Dealerships and Independent BMW Service/High Performance facilities. Dinan's attention to detail, solid engineering, warranty and performance have made Dinan widely regarded as the top BMW tuner in North America. The company can be found on the web at

The Challenge

Dinan has an in-house IT administrator, but needed help with setting up their network security, server backup & disaster recovery, and network monitoring for their systems at their three office locations. Dinan also needed a secure link to access corporate network over the Internet or other public or private networks. There are also times when IT needed escalation level 2 support and they would like to be able to find an organization than can help them when issues arise.

What did eSudo do for Dinan?

What are the results?

eSudo first had to analyze how Dinan's network is used, maintained and secured. Upon fully understanding the needs and goals of Dinan, eSudo was able to:

  • With eSudo's Technology Management Plan, internal staff is not burdened with trying to address, dispatch or find technical support resources
  • The computer systems and network are stable and downtime minimized
  • Technical Support is quick and questions are answered
  • At of this are included at fixed fee monthly
"eSudo had transformed our system to A Trouble-Free Experience. They consistently backup our data and proactively monitor our network 24/7.

eSudo knew how to do an assessment of our systems and recommended an action plan for us to follow. They gave us an action plan that we could understand…in plain English.

The single biggest reason that we decided to sign up was that we could not afford to lose any data and that we needed to have constant monitoring of our systems. Every aspect of our office depends on us keeping our network secure, computers running and Internet working. Computer downtime = costly lost productivity. eSudo's backup & recovery system is top-notch, and should a disaster occur, we now have the ability to be up & running in mere hours, rather than days. eSudo made use aware of potential problems that we could avoid and fix before it become a disaster for our company. We have gained "peace of mind" from partnering with eSudo.

I recommend eSudo because I feel that they are very competent to solve any computer problem. I know they have great employees who have the knowledge to tackle any computer related issues. At last, we can focus on developing high performance BWM products instead of fixing computers."

James Leong
Dinan Engineering, IT Manager / Coordinator

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