Save money on IT while supporting your mission

Your non-profit relies on technology now more than ever. Reaching out to new donors and serving more people means reliance on your database and networks. Achieving goals within budget means your staff and volunteers must make the most of sometimes limited resources.

Technology should be moving your organization forward, not keeping it behind. eSudo makes sure you have all the tools for success.

If you've been operating with an ad hoc computer network, you're familiar with the frequent downtime, missed opportunities, and crippling expenses than can come from an unstable network.

Here's how eSudo can help:

  • Protect your electronic files and ensure that data is secure.
  • Increase your staff and volunteer productivity.
  • Ensure all software packages on your network work well together.
  • Make sure your computer network is the stable foundation your organization deserves.

Proper Planning and Resource Utilization

  • We begin by understanding your short and long-term goals, discussing how quickly you would like to reach them, evaluating your current situation, and then presenting you with a Technology Plan that will get you there.
  • Once your Technology Plan has been developed, we can provide continual services: from managing your existing vendors through project implementation, to providing Technical Staffing and Support during rollouts, or even handling portions of your Technology Plan - or the entire Plan itself. We can work with what's best for you and your organization.
  • We specialize in prioritizing needs and scheduling your Technology Plan in phases tailored to your organization's specific budgetary constraints.
  • Your nonprofit status allows us the ability to obtain sizeable discounts on Software Licensing and Hardware Purchases, Telecommunications and Broadband Services. We will pass-on the cost savings as we perform our role as your technology advisor or Virtual CIO.

Non-Profit Solutions from eSudo

Samplings of non-profit Software we support include:

In addition to non-profit software, we also support most other programs that your organization may use, such as accounting, finance, sales and office productivity software. Contact us to learn how eSudo can help your non-profit organization.

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