Migration to the Cloud

A Law Firm's Success Story

The Challenges

A Palo Alto-based law firm prepares and processes patent applications for various companies and individuals in high technology matters. The firm also provides validity and infringement opinions and legal counsel.

The Law Firm (“Firm”) has attorneys, paralegals and consultants that work both in the office and outside the office. Some would need to remotely access documents, information, and applications from anywhere at any time. The Firm realizes that their existing technology has created a bottleneck for their staff.

What eSudo Did for the Law Firm

The Firm turned to eSudo, which provides IT consulting with cloud computing experience. eSudo conducted an assessment of the Firm’s network and determined that the existing infrastructure was inadequate to support the Firm’s mobile work force. Most of the Firm’s hardware and software were out of warranty, the network had insufficient bandwidth and storage capacity, and servers were running operating systems that the manufacturer no longer supported. eSudo advised the partners of the Firm to renovate their network infrastructure in order to protect sensitive data and provide a solid foundation for a new IT infrastructure.

eSudo worked with the Firm’s IT Manager to design a network upgrade plan based on the Firm’s primary objectives and to build a new IT infrastructure to support the mobile work force and run current applications, while adhering to data security demanded by legal regulations. Using a combination of virtual server technology and eSudo Cloud-based services, eSudo provided a comprehensive solution that would support the Firm’s growing IT needs – not just for the short term, but for many years to come.

Here is a quick synopsis of technologies used:

  • VMware Server Virtualization—eSudo migrated the Firm’s physical servers to a virtual private cloud servers running on VMware vSphere ESXi infrastructure, Windows Server 2012 and Dell PowerEdge Servers. The cloud infrastructure is managed by eSudo and co-located at a tier-4 data center. This virtualization provided a newer and more flexible server infrastructure that allowed the Firm to add, remove and customize their servers. As a result, the Firm can access their data and applications from any Internet enabled computer or device.
  • Microsoft Office 365—eSudo migrated the Firm’s Exchange Server 2003 to Office 365 Exchange online with single sign-on (SSO) with existing Windows Active Directory accounts. This provided more reliable email and secure collaboration platform without having to purchase new hardware or software, thus, saving the Firm time and money.
  • Windows 8.1 PRO and Intel NUC—eSudo upgraded the Firm’s desktops to Intel NUC mini-computer with flash drive running Windows 8.1, Office 2013 PRO, and dual monitors support. This upgrade provided the Firm with the latest technology to improve performance and enhanced security to reduce downtime and increase productivity.
  • Hosted VoIP Phone System—eSudo migrated the Firm’s aging phone system to hosted VoIP (Voice over IP) solution using Polycom handsets. The VoIP system allows the Firm to use remote extension or remote phone, receive voicemail in their email, conferencing, find me-follow me feature on their mobile phone, and much more.

The Benefits

The project was a success! The new network design and subsequent overhaul enhanced the Firm’s operational productivity by creating a highly adaptable (and now reliable) foundation to work on.

The benefits of choosing eSudo and moving to Hybrid Cloud Solutions:

  • More productive employees
  • Lower overall technology costs
  • Scalability and Flexibility
  • Remote Access
  • Disaster Relief
  • Ease of Implementation
  • Better Response Time and availability to serve the Firm’s customers
  • Peace of mind

“The migration to the Cloud has paid off in other ways,” said a Firm partner, “To me, the real value is the flexibility, scalability and peace of mind. We don’t have to constantly worry about the server failing or whether backup of our files are done on a regular basis.”

Moving forward the Firm is open to leverage the cloud solution and are pleased to have eSudo to support their IT needs. “We selected eSudo not only as our implementation partner, but also as our managed services provider because we view eSudo as a long-term partner,” stated a Firm partner. “Any relationship begins and ends with trust, and eSudo has proven themselves time and again.”

eSudo Can Help You, Too

If your law firm or business is considering moving to virtual environment and Cloud with Office 365 or Google Apps services, please contact Matthew Kaing at eSudo (www.eSudo.com) or 408-216-5800. eSudo offers a complimentary cloud assessment if you like would also like to explore other Cloud services. Call now!

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