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Secure, Reliable, Advanced IT Management for Attorneys

Attorneys who want to compete in today’s technology-driven environment must depend on up-to-date technologies and software solutions. But with the complexities and rapid changes in IT today, law firms are realizing the need to outsource these services to experts so they can focus on their core competencies.

Managed IT services providers offer access to state-of-the-art technology and utilize IT best practices to improve office operations and reduce management costs within the firm. IT services can include:

  • Data protection and security
  • Email Archiving and encryption
  • Data Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Cloud Workplace environments
  • Legal Applications Support (i.e., PCLaw, ProLaw, Timeslips, AbacusLaw, INSZoom)

eSudo designs custom IT solutions for law firms and focuses on answering the specific needs of legal professionals. By outsourcing IT services to eSudo, law firms receive specialized legal industry knowledge and insights as well as access to a team of certified professionals. Our team employs strategic solutions specifically designed to meet all your legal IT needs and streamline your internal operations.

Cloud Workspace

Cloud Workspace or Virtual Desktop has the potential to improve your productivity, efficiency and IT accessibility. In addition, you can depend on our cloud services for data security, document management, and workflow improvement. For example, you and your staff want to work from anywhere and access not only your data, but the applications from any computer. By embracing cloud workspace, you can:

Here's how we'll help:

  • Remote access your documents, data and emails
  • Use your applications from anywhere
  • Monitor and maintain massive amounts of information
  • Share important files securely in real time
    • Two-Factor authentication allows you to securely work from anywhere
  • Improve productivity by using Case Management Software

Case Management Software

Case management software brings your desktop calendar, contacts, filing system, and task systems together in one package. Your firm can benefit from case management software in many ways—for organizing, managing deadlines, storing client information and coordinating communications. In addition, case management software provides you the information you need to effectively manage your practice, and feedback on how you’re progressing in all aspects of your business.

Data and Email Encryption

You and your staff must use encryption to protect your confidential data, and encrypt both emails and data to ensure security of this information. It should be used to protect data at rest, such as on laptops or portable servers, as well as data in motion, such as over wireless networks or the Internet.

Data Backup, Disaster Recovery, and Business Continuity

While computer systems can easily be replaced, the intellectual property and sensitive information stored on those systems cannot. Computer hard drives can fail, laptops can be stolen or lost, and data can be erased due to human error or viruses. It’s important for your firm to have a managed and monitored data backup solution to keep data safe and avoid data loss. It is equally important to maintain secure, off-site copies of your data to mitigate data loss due to natural disasters, fire or flood damage, and other potential risks. This ensures your business operations can continue in the event of a catastrophe. Our Cloud Workspace solutions (Office In A Box) offers data backup, disaster recovery and business continuity.

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