Network Security

Keep your business data secure and protected

Network security is not just about protection from hackers and viruses - it's also about protecting your business from losing time and money to extensive downtime. Small business owners are especially challenged to balance open employee access with the need to protect their networks from harm.

eSudo can help you strike the right balance with:

Protect your business with comprehensive network and security services from eSudo.

eSudo's certified network security engineers offer a wide range of professional services to help small business and non-profits to identify and eliminate security vulnerabilities, defend against security threats, and recover from the damage caused by a security breach. eSudo provides remote assistenance and on premise service.

We also offer eSudo's TotalCARE Network Security that included a managed firewall/VPN appliance, network monitoring, content management/filtering, bandwidth management, and many other network security related services.

Our network security experts on firewall and VPN (virtual private network) support the following vendors:

  • SonicWall TZ Series (TZ 100, 200, 210), NSA (240, 2400, 350, 4500) and E-Class (E5500) Security Appliance
  • SonicWall SSL-VPN Appliance
  • Cisco PIX and ASA Firewall
  • WatchGuard Firebox, Core E-Series, XTM 2, XTM 5 and XTM 8 and XTM 1050
  • Juniper / NetScreen Security Systems
  • Fortinet FortiGate-110C/111C, FortiGate-80C/CM, FortiGate-60C, FortiGate-50B/51B, FortiGate-40C, FortiGate-20C

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