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Since 2012, eSudo has helped small businesses and non-profits migrate to Office 365 (“O365”) and has provided the on-going customer support they need to get the most out of their Microsoft Office 365 investment.

Here are some of the biggest challenges companies face when migrating to O365 and how to solve them.

  1. Calming Security Fears: Many organizations fear transitioning to O365 for security reasons. Although the migration forces users to move data from corporate-owned email servers to the Cloud, migration to O365 is a controlled process with safeguards in place to ensure data is secure both during and after the transition.
  2. User Account and Password Management: Businesses that have invested in Windows Active Directory for user accounts and password management usually do not want to keep track of another password when moving to O365. Implementing single sign-on with Active Directory Federation Services or Dir Sync can help maintain the coexistence between Cloud and on-premises servers to use the same Windows Domain account password as for O365 email.
  3. Overcoming Low Bandwidth: Without a high-speed connection, migration tools can help overcome this barrier by taking multiple passes over mailbox data before completing the actual cutover. The data is imported to O365 multiple times before moving mail to O365. This process is seamless for end users – once the switch is made, their mail is ready and waiting in O365.
  4. Unifying Email: To transition to O365, all users must shed their previous email platforms and adopt the Outlook and Exchange look and feel. The key is to manage user expectations through the transition to avoid backlash and resistance from users familiar with an old way of thinking. By managing this culture shift and introducing new ways of achieving the same result that users expected of the old system — for example, introducing file sharing services like OneDrive or SharePoint to replace oversized email attachments — organizations can successfully make the transition.

While companies can migrate to O365 on their own, the most effective way to transition their environments, and to address these roadblocks, is by relying on a Microsoft partner like eSudo.

Based on our extensive experience, eSudo has removed the worry and hassle from the migration process and provided proven results! Whether you have one or 100+ users, we have the experience to meet your organization’s unique deployment needs.

  • Experienced Support Team in the USA
    Local team to provide you remote and onsite support when you need us.
  • Cost Effective
    Starting at just $200.00 to migrate to O365, our services are priced well below industry standards.
  • Proven Methodology
    The last thing anyone wants is a surprise, so go with the team that has done it before, from transitioning 1 mail box to 100+ mailboxes.

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