Google Apps for Work

Migration to Google Apps

eSudo Is Proud To Present...

Google Apps from eSudo Technology Solutions, Inc is a suite of applications that can be customized to meet the specific needs of your business. Whether you need solutions for video, email, Web sites, communication or collaboration, Google Apps is the answer. Our Google Apps services include implementation, migration and support, so your business can reap the benefits of Google technologies with none of the headaches.

Easy-to-use Google Apps from eSudo include:

  • Gmail – reliable and dynamic email solutions
  • Google Calendar – shared calendaring
  • Google Drive - accessibility from anywhere at anytime
  • Google Hangouts – meet face to face with coworkers and customers
  • Google + - social network designed for business
  • Google Docs & Spreadsheets – online document hosting and collaboration
  • Google Sites – team site creation and publishing
  • Start Page – a single, customizable access point for all applications
  • Google Video – Web-based access for your video needs
  • Google Vault - archive for emails and chats
  • Google Admin - easily manage Google Apps for your organization
  • Google Security & Compliance – to better protect your business

Messaging: Gmail and Google Calendar

Google Apps messaging tools include email, calendar and instant messaging solutions that help employees communicate and stay connected, wherever and whenever they work. These Web-based services can be securely accessed from any browser, work on mobile devices like BlackBerry and iPhone, and integrate with other popular email systems like Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, and more. What’s more, Google Apps’ SAML-based Single Sign-On (SSO) capability integrates seamlessly with existing enterprise security and authentication services. Google Apps deliver productivity and reduce IT workload with a hosted, 99.9% uptime solution that gets teams working together fast.

Collaboration: Google Docs, Sites and Video

Google Apps enable secure, real-time collaboration among workgroups of all sizes. With hosted documents – word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations – Web-based video access, and easy site-building tools, Google makes information usable from any browser or smart phone, whenever and wherever users work. SAML-based Single Sign-On (SSO) services integrate seamlessly with established security and authentication systems. And with storage from Drive, you can rest assure knowing you’ll always have access to the latest data when you need it. Google Apps bring easy, secure productivity to any work team, without the need to add additional hardware or software.

Security: Admin and Vault

With Admin from Google Apps, you can easily add users, manage devices and configure security and settings so that your data remains safe and sound. Paired with Vault, which allows you to retain, manage, search and export your business’ email and on-the-record chat, you will never waste time retrieving valuable and critical information again, all with peace of mind knowing that the core of your business - your data, remains guarded as it should be

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