Email Archiving

Simplify the way you do business

Email is an amazing business communication tool and a source of massive amounts of data - so you need to be able to search through it, find pertinent communication and collect information quickly and easily.

That's why eSudo offers an enterprise-class email archiving feature set, with simple and competitive pricing based per mailbox. The deployment is quick and can be set up for your business within 24 hours, and there is NO maintenance on your part.

Installation and all of our expert support is included in the Email Archiving service, so you can count on eSudo to handle it all - while you focus on running your business.

Email Archiving solutions from eSudo include:

  • Archiving - Emails intended to be archived can either be pushed to the eSudo’s archive system via SMTP, or can pull emails via standard email access protocols (POP3 or IMAP).
  • MAPI email import - Using Microsoft’s Message Application Protocol Interface (MAPI), you can import emails from other sources to consolidate the historical emails stored on a Microsoft Exchange server into one secure email archive.
  • PST file import - Scattered PST files stored on users’ desktops or laptops can also be imported. In conjunction with the MAPI email import feature, this allows you to create a comprehensive archive of new and historical emails.
  • Indexing - Using a thorough list of all message components, emails are fully indexed by message content and attachments with the option to add tags for customized searches.
  • Search and retrieval - The Archive Search tool located in the Web user interface conducts quick full-text searches based on tags or message content. Users can easily search personal email archives, view emails in the archive and forward emails to active mailboxes.
  • Message storage - There is no storage limit per mail box; your storage is included as part of your monthly service.
  • End-User access - If authorized, user can archive, search, restore, and delete messages
  • Litigation readiness and discovery process - By using the powerful searching capabilities, auditors and email administrators can easily sort through an email archive to compile relevant messages based on keywords, dates and sender/recipients into an exported file. Access records and related policy violations can also be readily compiled and delivered to legal counsel as requested.

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