New Service Request for Technical Support

Please use the Customer Portal to submit and check on your Service Requests. This will save you time and provide faster support because we have common issues with forms that ask for specific information.

Do not send another email to check on the status of your open issues. Each email sent to starts a new Service Request. You can use the form below if you have not used the Customer Portal above.

  • Submit a Support Request

  • Enter your company email or business email that is registered with us. Do not use your personal email (e.g., gmail or outlook or
  • Please enter the best number that we can reach if we have more questions.
  • Please a short description or summary of the issue or questions. For example, "email password is not working or will allow me to log on". If this is URGENT, please call us after you have submitted your request.
  • Does affects multiple users or just one person. The more detail you can include, the faster we can help determine the appropriate solutions. If you have not restarted your computer or power off & on the device, we recommend you do this and see if this fixes the issue.
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