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I want to make a positive difference in the lives of people by what I do! Many small business owners, like myself, have many roles, responsibilities, and challenges to keep our business working and moving forward at the same time. Our goal is to focus on running the company, provide great service to our customers, help employees get their work done, and use technology to help automate operations, saving time and money. However, technology is constantly changing, the business owners do not have time to keep learning how to effectively use the latest technology to improve their business, and most vendors do not know or understand how the individual small business can leverage this new technology.

Since my younger days in high school, I have immensely enjoyed working with technology! I remember working and experimenting with some of the first Word processor and spreadsheet software on the market. Using this technology gave me such joy because I found a way to help people make a difference in what they do. After high school, I went on to engineering school to further my education in technology. With my education completed, I started my career working with large IT companies, like IBM and Cisco Systems. This was very rewarding but also had a downside. I felt working with large enterprise customers does not have the same feeling of “making a difference” then when I could dramatically improve small business performance by leveraging new technology. This gave me the “exciting drive” in my career I was looking for.

I left Cisco Systems and started to work with small businesses because there was a need for an enterprise-class IT solution that small businesses do not have access to or can afford. Small business owners need technology that just works, increases their productivity without security risk, and comes with a world-class customer service team. However, many businesses are using technologies or products from different vendors that are not integrated or tested to work together, thus adding complexity and increasing support cost and downtime. So, my team and I created a solution that allows small businesses to have all the newest IT software, hardware, and security without the headache of having to set up, configure, or manage any of it. This allows an Enterprise-class solution to be delivered to small businesses for a fraction of the cost. By leveraging the same technologies used by Fortune 500 companies, eSudo delivers a managed and secure desktop, cloud-based server, and VoIP phone system. This is what my team and I do all day and everyday. The goal is to provide the most efficient productivity tool at the most effective price possible.

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Businesses of every size, in every industry, are increasingly dependent on technology. For all of the benefits that technology brings, it also creates risk at a magnitude never previously imagined. This new risk is complex, and it's constantly evolving. The old way of managing risk does not cut it in the digital age.

As a business owner, it is very important to know the risk your company is facing, address the vulnerabilities, and secure your company. Because, when it comes to IT Threats, “you don’t know what you don’t know”, eSudo can help give you and your company a pro-active approach to solving IT security issues.

We help law firms, insurance brokers, and construction companies grow more clients through essential technology solutions, improve productivity without risking security.

Over 1,100 people in Silicon Valley trust my team and me to keep their business IT Running every day!


  • Proactive IT Services and live support for small to mid-size law firms, financial services (wealth management, insurance brokers),  and CPA/Accountings
  • Advance Cybersecurity protection for Network and Endpoints (Zero-trust protection)
  • VoIP Phone Systems, Video Conference, and Webinar Tools (Teams, Zoom, Meet)
  • Business Email, Calendaring, Cloud File Sharing and Online Storage (Microsoft Office 365, Google Workspace (G-suite), )
  • Data Backup, Recovery, and Business Continuity


Dave Newkirk

If you are contemplating outsourcing your IT function, or if your current service provider is not cutting the mustard, you should have a friendly chat with eSudo. You won’t regret it!

Dave Newkirk
Finance Controller